Dual Line Stunt Kites



Fun and easy to fly. The stunt is the ideal starter aerobatics kite for our younger first time flyers. These two line kites will do all the tricks but at the same time allow the pilot enough time to react. Solid construction and graceful flight make the ideal introduction to stunt kitting. (Line, instructions and tail are included) 

Model Size Wind Range Price  
Stunt  90cm  10-40kph  R200.00  Buy 


This is a great starter kite. It is responsive and quick but not twitchy, which results in a beginner kite that inspires confidence quickly. 

Model Size Wind Range Price  
Calypso  105cm  Out Of Stock  N/A  Buy 




This kite boasts a rugged carbon fiber frame and colorful four panel sail. This is a kite built with two words in mind... Fast and furious! 

Model Size Wind Range Price  
Panic  125cm  8-50kph  R350.00  Buy 


The latest addition to our range,this is a high performance,radical flyer, fitted with a 'dynamic'sports bridle,to enable custom flight characteristics,allowing you to do all the latest floaty tricks. This kite will take you to the next level. 6 panel sail on a rugged 4mm carbon frame, comes complete with lines and handles. 

Model Size Wind Range Price  
Reactor  Out OF Stock  N/A  N/A  Buy 




A new edition to the range. With a 4mm/5mm glass fiber frame this kite boasts durability and performance, at a more affordable price for the first time flyer. 

Model Size Wind Range Price  
Beebop  145cm  6-40kph  R450.00  Buy 


Definitely our best selling big wing delta. Rugged, responsive and forgiving with a wing span of 2m and 6mm graphite frame. Sewn with double french seams this is a workhorse of the skies, but with a startling performance which will please the most discerning flyer. 

Model Size Wind Range Price  
Viper  210cm  6-60kph  R850.00  Buy